Preventive Dentistry


A thorough teeth cleaning removing all the plaque, tartar, coffee, tea and tobacco stains from the teeth and the gums. This is essential for healthy gums and to prevent any future dental problems. We recommend a thorough teeth cleaning every 6 months for most patients.

Pit and fissure sealants

As teenagers, when our permanent molars and premolars erupt, they often have deep crevices on the top surface. These are plaque and bacteria retention sites that end up getting decayed with time. These deep pits and fissures can be treated by us before the problem even arises. We simply “seal” them with a tooth colored material, making it very hard for the bacteria to infect your teeth.

Oral hygiene instructions and demonstrations

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of dentistry, but the most important. If most patients can be taught how to brush and floss effectively, they will probably never need to see a dentist, except for some teeth cleaning and regular check-ups. We pay special attention to teaching children how to brush and floss, so that they grow up without dreaded dental problems. We also make sure all our patients have scrupulous oral hygiene, and follow up with them often to see how they are doing.

Customised topical fluoride applications

Topical fluoride interacts with enamel to form fluoroapatite crystals, which are more resistant to corrosion from acids and sugar. Thus the teeth are more resistant to decay.