Cosmetic Dentistry

Esthetics have become one of the main aspects of dentistry these days, with most famous celebrities having had dental work done to achieve that Hollywood smile.

We offer services like:

  • One hour teeth whitening or in-home whitening
  • Invisalign™, clear plastic trays that act as braces to straighten your teeth
  • Ceramic laminate veneers that are impossible to differentiate from natural teeth
  • Esthetic ceramic crowns
  • Bridges
  • Implants

Every case is tailored to patients' specific needs, and follows a proper treatment plan. This ensures the end result is not just beautiful cosmetically, but also aids in function and allows our patients to smile confidently.

We also have access to some of the best dental labs in the UAE and USA, which makes us really stand out. Along with our clinical prowess, having a strong lab with stunning ceramic work really makes a HUGE difference in the way final results turn out.